We serve stable routes at competitive rates

Lexicall offers a variety of communication services that call centers need to work effectively with their customers. Our goal is to provide the best quality at the best rates, to provide qualified support to our clients and help them optimize the cost of communication services. Below you will find a list of provided services and tariffs.

Sip rates

A-Z voice termination at standard and Premium quality. We terminate wholesale traffic, retail traffic, business traffic, call center traffic, IVR traffic.
  1. CC

    The CC trunk has a good call quality. This trunk is best suited for call centers, taking into account the specifics of incoming traffic.
  2. Retail

    Retail trunk can be used for clean local business traffic. You will get high quality routes with the best rates in the market.
  3. Low cost

    Low cost trunk is our special offer. This trunk provides connection to the networks of the largest telecom operators with good callback at the best possible rate.

Sms rates

A-Z SMS termination for VAS campaigns and promotions.
  1. default

    The trunk covers the whole world. We guarantee delivery and support of multipart messages for all destinations.

Did rates

We provide A-Z DID numbers and Toll-free numbers all over the world.
  1. DID numbers

    Trunk for access to local numbers in major cities and mobile operators around the world.
  2. Toll-free

    Trunk for Toll-free numbers in almost all countries of the world.

Cooperation with Lexicall is beneficial and convenient!

Our trunks are a definite benefit. We comply with international standards and guarantee the quality of the services provided.
  • Attentive management

    Attentive management

    Our Account Managers will fulfill your request in shortest possible terms.
  • Technical support 24/7

    Technical support 24/7

    Our technical support is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Competitive prices

    Competitive prices

    Aggressive pricing policy enables us to offer more and earn more.
  • Flexibility time zones

    Flexibility time zones

    Having representatives in 6 countries, we will select a manager in a convenient time zone for you.